FOE Impact

You don’t have to sacrifice profits for purpose 

Athletes have an incredible platform to make a difference on both the local and global level. Even with this impact and relative wealth, they sometimes lack the resources necessary to make an indelible impact. 

Family Offices have incredible resources and often have the desire to make society a better place. 

FOE Impact brings together the platform and celebrity of professional athletes with the resources of family offices to address change and create impact around the world. We do this by offering bespoke consulting services to family offices, athletes  and corporations around their impact strategy. 

FOE Impact will host events that bring together athletes, thought leaders, and family offices to discuss important topics in an engaging environment with the goal of collaboration. 

Our community cares about making a positive impact on society, leaving the world better than we found it. We believe in supporting marginalized people and creating a better outcome for all. 

We do more than just talk, we drive capital and leverage our collective influence to support charities, organizations and business that are focused on changing the worldWe bring together the world’s most influential people to solve the most complex problems impacting society and our planet.